Lauriane Tiard-Caillaud

Lauriane Tiard-Caillaud is an international communication expert with more that 15 years of experience in the media industry, both agency and client side. She has worked with multiple brands, on a variety of problems, in different cultures and through countless challenges to grow her ability to think strategically as well as her people skills. Driven by her boundless curiosity, Lauriane Tiard-Caillaud has visited over 50 countries and lived in 7 different countries and is fluent in 

French, English, Spanish and German. She plans to put all of her knowledge and experience to good use at Mercury Media Technology! Lauriane Tiard-Caillaud helps advertisers and agencies abroad leverage the benefits of our MMT Suite and MMT Professional Services

Lauriane Tiard, Client Services Director

I believe that Mercury can eradicate pain points in industry processes to make the work smarter and more engaging for both advertisers and their partners.

Lauriane Tiard-Caillaud
Client Services Director, Mercury Media Technology GmbH
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