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Media Operations Safety Net

Avoid the dramatic effects of human errors while buying media with our anomaly detection solution AdPollo.

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AdPollo protect your media budget from common errors

Broken URL

Campaign links leading to landing pages with 404 errors are common mistakes that result in no conversions and a poor user experience.

Wrong Budget Set-Up
Setting the wrong media budget, for example setting a monthly budget instead of a daily budget, or setting a comma incorrectly, could lead to a large budget loss and unhappy customers.
Hacked Accounts

Efficient anomaly detector for media buyers

Media operations can be a challenging task, with operation teams facing numerous pitfalls on a daily basis. The pressure to publish more campaigns in less time, while working with multiple DSPs, increases the risk of errors. Even small mistakes can have costly consequences, affecting your media budget and customer trust. To mitigate these risks, our anomaly detector solution is designed to assist media operation teams in avoiding mistakes and safeguarding your media budget.

Continuously expanding to all major DSPs

Avoid the potentially dramatic effects of human errors while working in self-service platforms or DSPs.


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