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Effectively allocate budgets in TV

With MMT´s TV Attribution, you get actionable metrics and insights to allocate your TV budgets and optimize your spots. 

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Insight, Optimize, Impact!

  • Get actionable metrics
  • Allocate your TV budgets
  • Optimize your TV spots

Pressing questions within TV Campaigns

How does my TV spot perform?
With MMT's TV Spot Attribution, you get actionable insight into the uplift your TV spot generates on your KPIs, such as website visits, app installs, or searches.
How to allocate my TV budgets?

Identify the best weekdays and channels to air your commercials. Find the right time slots and the right environment. Track your ongoing performance to get the most of your budget. 

How to optimize my response rates?

MMT's TV Attribution helps you optimize your response rates by times, days, broadcaster, environments and run times.

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