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of data-driven marketing

We dedicate our energy to helping companies in their evolution to higher performance by using data in their strategic media and marketing decisions.

We are an independent company specialized in data-driven marketing solutions and consulting based in Hamburg

We provide software and consulting services to media agencies and advertisers alike who wish to harness the power of their marketing data for better business results.

With our ready-to-use modules & tailor-made services portfolio, we assist your needs in a future-driven way, enabling directly quantifiable efficiencies and laying an ideal foundation for your digital transformation.

  • Our campaign management platform MMT Mercury enables clean data input and workflow automation to better manage marketing budget and advertising campaigns.
  • Our visualization module MMT Scout delivers smart dashboards adapted to monitor, report and create insights for more efficient decision making.
  • Our proprietary modelling module MMT Scope offers a powerful prediction to enhance the business impact of your advertising activities using machine learning.
  • Our data sharing module MMT Bridge can help you eliminate excel spreadsheets and keep your data set structured, up to date, error-free and accessible in one place.
  • With MMT Consulting we deliver the martech know-how as well as change management to support data-driven marketing transitions.

We are proud to say that MMT is a place where people continue to build solutions that are impacting the future of the advertising industry.

We are not an everyday company

Our Why: The advertising business, often more than others, is enormously complex, a thick jungle of tremendous amounts of information and non-standardized process flows with excessive transaction costs involved for many stakeholders in the ecosystem. This increasing complexity, which has been leading to misinformation and a lack of transparency and steering options in recent years, has increasingly been fueling an unfortunate loss in trust - not only in the partners involved but even in the media business as a whole. Advertisers and agencies have realized that their success depends on understanding their data and how to build an actionable data strategy. 

Our Goal: Our success means that our clients get more value from their media budget by dramatically accelerating their decision-making and optimization powers at all stages of the advertising process: data-driven planning, data based audience selection and campaign monitoring with real time dashboard updates.

Let's start looking at advertising not as a cost factor but as a great investment in the growth of your company. We aim to spark transparent and effective long-term relationships between the most valuable stakeholders in our industry and to make media a substantial part of any brand’s business success.

Our How: To guarantee this success, we all collaborate to make sure Mercury Media Technology is more than just your run-of-the-mill company. We think, feel and act in our own special way and embrace our amazing, positive culture so that we can:
a) Make our company a rewarding place to work.
b) Build the most valuable martech solutions and marketing data insights for our clients.

Our experienced management team is the force behind the growth of our company

Our senior management team has extensive industry experience and is the force behind the growth of MMT. It is supported by our experienced leadership team that has the right mix of skills in media, technology and change management. We offer our clients multilingual support thanks to our international customer team that speaks 15 languages. To ensure best-in-class solutions for our clients, we also have an experienced, high-caliber development team.

Tobias Irmer

Managing Director

Gunnar Neumann

Managing Director

Vanessa Ullrich


Ole Reifschneider

Software Engineering

Aiko Müller

Implementation & Support

Vivian Reifschneider

Marketing & PR

Torben Seebrandt

Data & Intelligence

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