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Improve the impact of your media campaigns on your business results

94% prediction accuracy
20% direct improvement
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Leverage your brand media and market signals to maximise future results

  • Can run from product launch (market data)
  • Will improve results over time
  • Model all steps of the funnel

Unleash the power of data to help you grow your business

MMT Scope is designed to propose the most efficient media mix to achieve maximum business impact.; combining media, market and business metric data to a proprietary machine learning algorithm.
MMT Scope attribution process

Off-the-shelf modeling solutions for media efficiency

Budget Allocation Model

This model analyzes the media impact on sales or other business KPIs and thus helps to understand in which media channel your advertising budget has achieved the highest performance in order to optimize budget allocation.

Multi-Touch Attribution Model

This model examines the impact of every touchpoint in the customer journey on conversions at the individual customer level to help you build the right digital media mix.

TV Performance Model

This model helps advertisers who want to use TV as a performance tool for their business objectives by optimizing their advertising activity on TV and identifying the right context, timing and channels to achieve the best results.

Brand Builder Model

The model calculates the optimal share between branding and performance activities to ideally drive both brand development and sales for a new product.

Test & Scale Model

The model uses test region data to measure the impact of a new medium or channel before the rollout of a campaign.
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MMT Scope Multi-Touch-Attribution
MMT Scope TV-Performance
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MMT Scope Test-and-Scale

MMT Scope is based proprietary modelling and machine learning to enhance the business impact of advertising activities. Using a combination of attribution with cost efficiency and reach calculator, MMT Scope offers a powerful prediction to focus the advertising campaigns on what really works.
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