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Brief your media campaigns digitally

Within our Media Operations Platform Mercury advertisers can communicate budgets, targets and campaign runtimes to their teams and agencies through our briefing module.

No more excel sheets
No information loss
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Pain points within briefing processes

Workflow is not clearly defined

Our media operations platform Mercury enables you to define your workflow and sets automated notifications and alerts in order to keep everything in time.

Outdated approval processes
Make your process more efficient and get audit safe reconciliation of all steps within our media operations platform Mercury.
Lack of transparency
Our media operations platform Mercury is the single source of truth. Get the complete picture of your media planning process and keep track on who has done what and when.

No more information loss due to excel sheet briefings

Communicate with your teams and agencies within our media operations platform Mercury. The briefing module enables you to set media budgets, define channels, set targets and campaign runtimes. Assign a team to the campaign and you are ready to go! 

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