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Our business intelligence, data science and martech consulting teams are here to help with media and marketing data projects for improved business performances.


The forward-thinking media management platform that helps agencies and advertisers in their activities from buying and monitoring to reporting and invoicing advertising campaigns.
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With MMT Mercury, advertisers and agencies buy, manage and report omni-channel advertising campaigns efficiently in real time, leaving time to reflect, analyze and develop best performing strategies. The platform provides you with a uniquely comprehensive tool that helps you keep track of buying information, deals and budgets, delivery, 
performance and invoicing. It also helps you manage the entire media campaign process efficiently: planning, buying, scheduling, trafficking, monitoring, aggregating real time results and reporting - all in one place. In addition to aggregating data connections, MMT Mercury comes with an extensive set of features created from experience working at 

agencies that simplifies and eliminates repetitive tasks, limits errors and saves team members hours of manual work.

This web-based platform uses the latest coding technology to guarantee safety, stability and overall access to your owned data. 


Gain valuable insights and maintain full control of your marketing campaigns with our versatile dashboard solutions. We offer unique, ready-to-use sets of dashboards to connect you visually to your marketing KPIs in line with your analysis and reporting needs. 
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Our data visualization solution MMT Scout gives you access your key data without making you drown in superfluous details. Updated daily, it gives you the ability to 
react quickly and make informed media strategy decisions with all the information you need. Based on your requirements, objectives and strategy, we connect relevant 
dashboards to your media buying accounts so that you can monitor your media performance in a web-based platform available at anytime and from anywhere.


Data science for advertising to get the best business outcome out of your media investments. We offer media mix modeling, business intelligence and data science solutions for media and marketing.

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We developed our proprietary algorithm and AI technology that leverages market data and client media data sets to provide optimized media investment, correlations, attributions and predictions on campaign performance in order to maximize business impact.
Our expertise in supporting bluechip companies in their strategic media decisions has been tried and tested. We have proven a high level ot 94% to 96% prediction accuracy over time for our media data science solutions to optimize your media spend performance.
In combination with our ready-to-use visualization solution, we address all client ad-hoc media and marketing needs in alignment with their objectives. We build screens and connect any data set. We advise our clients on the best way to present information. 


Our unique set up made MMT an effective combination of a visionary management team and highly skilled tech experts offering consulting and implementation in a world in which advertising data is becoming increasingly complex.
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Thanks to 12 years of sound experience-based knowledge of data architecture, warehousing and approaches and solutions dedicated to media agencies and their clients, our team is able to tackle all of the challenges being faced by the advertising industry.
Coupled with strong international media know-how, MMT delivers the martech know-how to support data-driven marketing/media/ advertising transitions for organizations. Our tested and vetted methodology guarantees SMART results.
Our experts are available to address your questions and needs regarding: data tech and infrastructure transformation, data project management, transitioning to data-driven media locally or internationally, software development for media and advertising.
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Gunnar Neumann is a proficient growth hacker with over 10 years of expertise in media and advertising consulting, MarTech and AdTech. Thanks to his extensive experience, he knows the requirements and challenges of the market.
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