MMT Tech - sound security and stability

To guarantee the best-in-breed platform, we use the coding language the most adapted and efficient to our executions.

Sound security & stability

Our multi tenant cloud infrastructure will ensure high data security and app performance. High system availability and strong focus on cybersecurity keep critical business data safe.

Job Scheduler Background Jobs Import Database ETL Layer Calculation Service Data Warehouse Application Servers Elixir / PythonPostgresNodeJSRubyElixir / Elm Redundant service across data centers API connection to MMT partner services, platforms & markets Kubernetes Application Database Micro Services User Interfaces
Our system is split into multiple containerized applications which have multiple instances running behind a load balancer to fulfil our high-scalability and high-availability needs.
Data redundancy to prevent data loss is achieved through database replication and continuous archiving, allowing point-in-time-recovery at transaction level.
Our servers are spread across data-centers in central europe on servers that we either own or in dedicated virtual private cloud (VPC) environments on cloud hosting provider AWS.
Tobias Irmer

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Tobias Irmer has been working in the digital industry for almost two decades. As Managing Director and CTO Tobias brings with him profound technical knowledge in Kubernetes, SQL and AWS, among others. His main focus is the development of our pioneering solutions.
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