By Lauriane Tiard-Caillaud
13. Februar 2022

Advertising beyond walled gardens - Part 7: Conclusion

Advertising beyond walled gardens - Part 7: Conclusion

Google is changing the rules of the game again by introducing a new proposal for advertisers in an attempt to replace the third-party cookies as it wishes to. The alternatives for advertisers to diversify their approach to maximizing advertising efficiency feel necessary.

MMT's endeavor to support advertisers and agencies alike to help them enhance the performance of their campaigns entails providing the opportunity to connect to a broader range of offers on the market by provisioning a harmonized and automated platform.

That is why we believe that any advertiser can benefit from scaling beyond the walled gardens as we explained in the kick-off article of the series.

How to choose the media beyond walled gardens? 

Choosing the right media outside of the walled gardens is not merely a question of technology - it is a question of relevance. Any marketing person would tell you that knowing your audience is the starting point for reaching success - and that means not only the way they buy their products and how they select them, or the price they are willing to pay; but also their sources of influence.

MMT pillars advertising beyond walled gardens
  • Audience: Only by knowing what your potential customers are dreaming about new ventures and aspiring for future endeavors can you get the levers to influence their desire to become your client.
  • Timing: Relevance is also about the timing that brings the right mood for certain types of products and services - for instance, only new parents would buy nappies, however hard you try to sell them across the board.
  • Context: Some products are rather impulse purchases whereas others are long-term investments that require careful planning and money-saving. The context in which these products are placed has a great impact on the campaign’s efficacy.

Summary of the presented advertising alternatives beyond walled gardens: 

We had the chance to partner with great market players to present alternatives to the walled gardens environment. They all possess a great potential to scale up your business by offering clear benefits and opportunities.

  • Programmatic Display with The Trade Desk: As Monika explained, programmatic is extremely efficient in targeting the desired audience in a relevant context. Advertisers can also benefit from its ability to derive learnings based on the analysis of digital interactions to understand the keys to conversion. where all interaction can be leveraged to understand the keys to conversion. The level of investment and relevant activities can be monitored and adjusted in real-time, enabling better results at lower costs.
  • Out of Home with Adsquare: While display offers the benefits of the digital environment such as the open web, the evolution of Outdoor towards Digital outdoor, as Christoph presented, extends our world to the street sidewalks, bringing the message to the masses and simultaneously a wide range of possibilities to predict and measure the effects of your advertising activities
  • Connected TV with Freewheel: The article highlights the future of our small screen sector, which has already evolved so much along with the changes brought into our personal and professional lives with COVID-19. Stefan helped us to project how content consumption will tailor our advertising environment as it did with digital, offering various product sectors the opportunity to re-invent themselves and their audiences.
  • Audio with RMS: The Audio channel has evolved to embrace both the state-of-the-art technologies and new content consumption trends that the modern era has to offer. It delivers the messages to precisely targeted audiences as well as generates traffic from all new platforms, as Elmar explained to us. With Smart speakers transforming our daily routine, being Audio-ready becomes a must.
  • Print with Adwanted: Although print has been announced dead, it remains a strong partner in spreading true and reliable information, which supports numerous marketing needs. This niche with its relevant focus areas provides an amazing space for specific products. Gabrielle also presents how digital solutions can facilitate the management of operations in advertising campaigns. Print as a media has still a lot to offer.
  • Mobile with Madvertise: After spreading its reach over more than half of the planet’s population in less than 15 years, mobile has become the fastest adopted technology. It is also now an intimate part of the users’ daily routines as they have been relying even more on it for social interactions ever since Covid hit our world. François gave us some insights on how to maximize the performance of campaigns, stressing the importance of format and flawless connection with regard to the context.

We could go on with other media formats - we know we have not covered all the available options. We may revisit to update and add insights and channels with other partners. The walled gardens evolve as well, their number and technologies offers new opportunities and public to be considered too. 

Yet, we hope that our series was fun for you to read and we have brought you new partnership and innovation ideas to test for your business.

How MMT could help you
As always, MMT and its team of developers, data scientists, and media experts are here to assist you in making all your campaigns more efficient thanks to data-driven decision-making and valuable insights.


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